A good design should be
just simple, functional & meaningful.

I am a creative designer freelance in branding, print, digital & packaging design.
After some outstanding experiences in food & beverage packaging design business for 4/5 years in Shanghai, in cosmetics packaging design for 4 years in Paris and various branding, webdesign & graphic design agency during 5 years, I am offering my expertise as creative designer.
Today, I am here to listen, to understand & to resolve efficiently your objectives with my unique perspective & professional insights in graphic/web/packaging design.

Branding Design
Expert in designing brand identity
I am collaborating and designing logos
for several international brands.

Packaging Design
Cosmetics, Food & Beverages
I keep designing some outstanding
packagings from France to China.

Web Design
After a solid expertise in web design,
I am capable to understand &
design your future project.

Graphic Design
In 15 years of experience
in graphic design, I have explored
all kind of medias, that could
help you to communicate your idea.

Some of my Clients

L'Oreal Paris

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Stephano HEAP

  • +33 (0) 7 64 41 97 68
  • Strasbourg, France